PAS should heed malay sentiment in unity talk

When PAS accepted UMNO's invitation for the so-called Unity talk, the malay ground received it with apprehension and fear.  Nobody could well understand why PAS agreed in the first place to meet UMNO and more so of all person that 'satanic'Mahathir.

It has to be noted and accepted that the malays now are so much united than ever in the history of the country.  They are now united under the Barisan Alternative banner with the aim of overthrowing the tyranical and satanic government of Mahathir.

UMNO under the leadership of Mahathir doesn't represent malay interest  anymore.  UMNO leaders are scandalous, corrupt and who sold malays interest to others.  They are motivated by greed and wealth and it would not be wrong to say that they would even sell their own mother for riches and fame.  A notable example is the acquisition of land belonging to the malays.  The state government controlled by UMNO leaders in collaboration with their 'corporate underlings' acquired a lot of malay lands purportedly for 'public purposes' at cheap dirt prices, sometimes at  50 cents- RM2 per.sq feet since most of these lands are categorized as agricultural land.  Once acquired, these UMNO bastards in charge of state government converted the status of the land to residential or industrial and alienated those lands to their 'corporate underlings' to be developed.  Those lands are then sold by these underlings to the public at exorbitant prices of between RM20-30 per sq.feet. This is how UMNO leaders sold out the malays.  In the process, a lot of malay lands were being acquired and are now owned by others.

The corrupt money that they got from their underlings by selling malay lands are used for satanic purposes like financing their sexual escapades, bribing delegates to fish for votes and indulging in all things which should not be done by any good muslims including money politics.

The above is only one example where these corrupt UMNO bastards abuse their position to enrich themselves and in the process sold out the interest of the malays. These UMNO bastards are also responsible in selling off a lot of public's assets in the name of privitization.  What was once public property are now sold at cheap dirt prices to their cronies.  Of course they have indirect interest in those sell-outs.  In short UMNO leaders are traitors not only to the malays but to the whole nation.  This must be understood by PAS leaders.

UMNO's call for this so-called unity talk is a load of bull-shit given their bad record in protecting malays interest.  They should be the last person, for anyone in their right frame of mind, to talk to about malay unity.  As rightfully concluded by a lot of people, malays are now more united under the BA banner. Therefore what is there to talk about malay unity.

PAS's agreement to accept UMNO's invitation does'nt do the BA any good whatsoever.  Instead it caused suspicion within the BA's rank of PAS actual motive and helped UMNO to score much needed political points. No malays in their right frame of mind wants PAS to meet with UMNO more so with Mahathir.

To do justice to the  BA supporters, PAS should remain steadfast in its demand that UMNO should restore the rights of the party to publish Harakah's twice weekly, for Petronas to continue disbursing the oil royalty to the Trengganu government and any other conditions they seem fit to impose.  It has to be pointed out that these rights are all interfered with and withdrawn at the insistence of UMNO members.  Perhaps PAS should insist on one more condition in that the talk should also include Anwar Ibrahim who should be legally free on bail pending his appeal against conviction to the Federal court.  Until these conditions are met, PAS should forget about meeting UMNO.  It serves no useful purpose.  With the conditions met at least there is every reason and justification for PAS to meet UMNO.

Finally a word of caution.  Never trust Mahathir. That man has a satanic tendency who speaks with a forked tonque.  He has very little malay blood in him. He is a typical keralan indian but is a  malay only by operation of the law.  Article 160 of the Federal Constitution says, 'malay means a person who professes Islam, habitually speaks the malay language, conforms to malay customs and was born in the Federation before merdeka'.  Even that malay of him could be disputed. It is disputable whether he conforms to malays customs.  What he did to Anwar Ibrahim is not what malays would customarily do to their friend.  Perhaps someone or even Anwar should go to court and get a court declaration that he is not a malay in view of the uncertainty in his conformation to malay custom. So PAS beware of this man.

Malay ground