Establishment of a second Police Force must be top of BA's agenda

The Malaysian Police Force has a very 'distinguished' history of always allowing themselves to be politically used, misused and abused by the politicians in power.  This is a foregone conclusion since the days of Tengku Abdul Rahman and is crystal clear to all and sundry now.

The difference between then and now is the fact that the Police force in the days of the Tengku and up until the time of Tun Hussein were always commanded by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department( CID).  These are the law enforcement officers who has to work within the laws of the country.  Although at times they breached and flouted the law in the execution of their duties, yet uppermost in their mind is the fact that they would face the wrath of the law if their acts which goes beyond the law are uncovered. Even with their knowledge and awareness of the law, these police CID officers still allowed themselves to be used, misused or abused by the politicians in power then.  That is why you have the use of the ISA in 1974 and 1988 to help the UMNO politicians cling to power. That is the norm with the Malaysian Police.  They are simply a bunch of running dogs ever ready to do their masters' bidding.  If they have a good master all is fine and good.  With a bad and evil master like Mahathir, the nation's pulse is always pulsating with anger at their stupidy and idiotic behavior.

That is the situation now during the Mahathir's era. The matter is compounded by Mahathir's tactic, penchant and strategy of putting weak public officers who could be manipulated and directed in key government posts which included the police force. Officers are given responsibility to head key government institutions not because of their merit and integrity but purely because of their inherent weak character like their servility, obeisance and compliance to orders.  These officers are easily being led and told by Mahathir.

During Mahathir's reign, he put  the  Malaysian Police Force successively under the command of two not-so intelligent police officers who come from Malaysia's dreaded Special( or Satanic) Branch.  Every idiot in this country must know by now that these Satanic Branch(SB) personnels doesn't work within the laws of the country.  In fact these SB officers doesn't even know the law in force.  None of their work is being scrutinized by the courts of law.  That is why they behave lawlessly and thuggishly.  Their work involves torturing detainees into confessing things which they do not do, turning over political opponents by methods involving brutality, oppression, framing up, concoction and fabrication of evidences and the like; and do all things which were directed by their political masters, which normal man would not do.  They are the nation's pariahs.  They never do things lawfully and according to normal human decency. they behave as if they are the law unto themselves.

It is these sort of people who are now in command and control of the Malaysian Police meekly supported by most of the corrupt CID officers.  Both Rahim Noor and Norian Mai comes from these dreaded SB , and both are well-versed with such SB demeaning and inhuman interrogating tactics and would not hesitate to do it themselves.  Therefore one is never suprised that Rahim could assault Anwar in custody because these are things which  the SB officers normally and habitually do.  And one is never surprised why both Rahim and Norain Mai would dutifully obey whatever Mahathir commanded and told them to do.  Mahathir asked Rahim to assault Anwar.  This was done.  Mahathir asked Norian Mai to use the ISA to silence his political opponents, these was also done.  In both cases, these are instructions which are criminal in nature and which any intelligent Police Chief throughout the world would promptly told off the politician's in power that this could not be done and is against the law.  But these two comes from the SB which even the politicians recognized as their terrier dogs.

For the past two years since the sacking of Anwar, the police had foolishly allowed themselves to be criminally involved in UMNO's partisan politics.  They provide the criminal muscle to Mahathir and UMNO to silence and quell his political critics.  Cases of open police brutality, abuse of power and  the illegal use of the ISA are common occurrences.  The Malaysian police are no more behaving like law enforcement officers but simply like UMNO's thugs but living off the tax payers money.  Reports of such cases lodged by victims will never be investigated by the Police.

Therefore, the solution to such problems lies with the Rakyat and not with the police or Mahathir.  The people should send a clear message to these thugs that crimes and abuse of power never pay.  Eventually the long arm of the law will prey on them.  As such it is very important for the BA to have in their agenda the setting up of a second Police Force to check and balance the present discredited and much malign Mahathir's police.

Countries like the UK and USA and most advanced and developed countries don't have a centralized police force.  In the UK alone, they have about 63 Police forces and a national police called Metropolitan Police( commonly known as Scotland Yard). In the USA each states have their own Police Force complemented by a national Police force in the FBI.  Cases of police brutality in the States' Police are investigated by the FBI while cases of misuse of power or brutality in the FBI is being investigated by other enforcement agency or States Department.  A decentralized police force would prevent cases of police brutality and misuse of power going unchecked. This needs to be seriously looked into and implemented so that all criminal acts, human rights abuse and misuse of power by SBs and other police officers would be investigated and the culprits be brought to justice even if we have to take twenty years to do so.  Let everyone of the police personnels be warned that no one would escape the wrath of the law including the two Police Chiefs, their running dogs and their political masters.  Remind them and make it a reality their master's bold words namely that, 'those who play with the sword would die by the sword'.

Once the BA comes into power in 2004, the present Malaysian Police could be partly dismantled and sized down.  A second force namely a Metropolitan Police with the same police powers should be set up to complement and check and balance the present force. Therefore it is important that cases of police brutality be filed, reported not only with the police but also with SUHAKAM, together with their evidences.

An alternative to the setting up of the Metropolitan Police is for the BA and the people to work so that SUHAKAM be given wide investigative as well as prosecuting powers to enable them to investigate all cases of human rights abuse and related offences; and to prosecute the offenders in court.  These would only be possible if the BA is returned to power.  It won't happen under the BN.  SUHAKAM's role could also be expanded to perform the function of an ombudsman, dealing with government's  machinery.

The people should strengthened their resolve and desire that those who flouted the laws of the country and those who abuse the powers that have been entrusted to them by the people should be brought to justice.  The 'dogs' in the police force needs to be taught a lesson not only to them but to other people who aspire to behave like them in the future.  The nation should be rid off of these 'dogs'.


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