Hidden Agenda - UMNO Mentality

We see that Unilever Malaysia is quiting its manufacturing line and will leave only its trading/marketing operations in Malaysia, the rest source it from overseas. And now, I heard Nestle is about to do the same. Economically, it make sense as we are not competitive in terms of labour cost and raw materials.

Hidden Agenda: It may also be possible due to the stupidity of Barisan Nasional's economic policy and its confrontational attitude towards the "foreign enemies"?

We also can see yesterday's newspaper that MCA will get its University (remember MCA - Chinese) as stated on the front page of Star but on the other hand, the front page of Utusan stated that Students (referring to Malays) will be expelled for any involvement in anti-government politics.

Hidden Agenda: All Malay muslims are to be send to this University so that religious studies will not be emphasis as emphasising will means that all those muslims student will get to know that UMNO is like a floating Sh*t?.

The price of MAS air fare will goes up by 30% (Utusan 10/7/2001) and School bus fare will also be raise(Sun 10/7/2001). Why the sudden annoucement on the same day with different priority for different newspapers.

Hidden Agenda: As BN is a floating Sh*t, with high grade manure in their brain cells, they might think that is a good strategy to announce to the public all the bad news as soon as possible as the "Melayu cepat Lupa"?. Or is it possible that those involved believe that as the "economy is going up", it make sense that everything should also goes up too.....ahhh....

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