Only idiots would support Mahathir

The unfortunate state of affairs in Malaysia is that, after 20 years of Mahathir's misrule which saw the country on the verge of economic collapse due to the rampant state of chronic corruption, nepotism, croynism, mismanagement and abuse of power, there are still a lot of idiots out there still idolising and supporting Mahathir.  Mahathir is still in power because of these idiots.  When would these idiots begin to realize how much Mahathir had fooled and used them to retain his hold in power.  Luckily for us and the future generations, these idiots are in the minority now although amongst them, they hold immense power in the country.

One of the chief idiot running around the country and masquerading like a law enforcement officer is none other than the current IGP Norian Mai.  After having performed his Haj, one would have thought that he would discharge his public duty with more responsibility and in accordance with the sunnahs of the prophet and the teachings of the holy Quran.  As the Chief of the largest law enforcement body, he is answerable to no one when enforcing the laws of the country and his actions should always be guided by what has been promulgated by the law.  Yet this pathetic idiot is more like a peon to Mahathir, obeying Mahathir's 'instructions' even when it is against the law.  Norain mai's servile-like actions may probably be the result of performing the Haj with corrupt money.  He tends to lose his sense of balance and tends to sell his soul to the devilish Mahathir. His misplaced and misquided understanding of the concept of 'loyalty' towards the government of the day put the force in a very bad and adverse position.  No one dispute the fact that you must support the government of the day.  But it must be plainly clear to all and sundry that the government of the day must function in accordance with the rule of the law.  Such support and this misguided loyalty should not extend to supporting and being 'loyal' to corrupt leaders who commits crimes and violates the law.  It is obvious this idiot doesn't understand the concept of political neutrality of public service officers.  No wonder his men are also plain idiots.  Of course Norain Mai is a millionaire but what about his idiotic men?  Those stupid rank and file who slavishly obey illegal and unlawful orders.

Now everyone knows that Norain Mai acted on Mahathir's illegal and unlawful directives to arrest and detain the youthful keadilan leaders who are simply a threat to Mahathirs political survival.  Mahathir's directive is deemed illegal and unlawful because in law he has no bloody right to issue such directives.  It is for Norain Mai as a law enforcement officer himself to assess the security situation in the country and to take appropriate action in accordance with the country's law.  The fact that he followed Mahathir's 'directive' and at the same time concocted false grounds in effecting the arrest and detention shows his lack of capability and integrity in becoming the country's top law enforcement officer.

Another idiot from Malaysia's infamous Satanic Branch (SB) by the name of Supt.Benjamin was quoted in one of the press as saying that the recent ISA arrest and detention was necessary to prevent the country's economy being jeorpardized. Any fool would by now know that the country's economy is in the verge of collapse because of Mahathir's disruptive and illegal activities like corruption and misuse of powers in plundering public funds to enrich himself, his family and cronies and to bail them out during the economic crisis.  With such idiots in his police force who behaved more like gangsters than law enforcement officers, Mahathir should not pour venom to the fact that there are still a lot of intelligent Malaysians not supporting him.

Another bunch of idiots still supporting Mahathir are his party members from UMNO.  Every Malaysian knows that UMNO is a satanic party which practices corruption, nepotism and cronyism and which has been responsible for selling off the malays to others. This is the party that has 'legally' acquired large tracts of lands belonging to the malays as well as malay reserve lands and selling them to rich chinese towkays in the name of development but for their narrow self interest.  This is the party which has appropriated to themselves large areas of timber compartments, state lands, government's tenders and contracts and which are all eventually sold to rich chinese towkays for corrupt payments.  They practically stole from the malays and sold what they had stolen to rich chinese towkays.  And they have the cheek to call their party 'a party which would protect malay interest'.  Their president is the chief plunderer of the nation's wealth and there are a lot of rank and file UMNO idiots   who still doesn't realize this.  The three sons of this Chief plunderer and robber between them controlled more than nearly 280 companies.  And at the same time, there are millions of malays who still live from hand to mouth. Which idiots would still support this man.

UMNO's meeting held at PWTC which ended today could be appropriately described as the meeting of the nation's biggest plunderers and robbers in the land.  The meeting could be dubbed as 'Mahathir Baba and the 2000 thieves', taking the name from Ali Baba and the forty thieves.  Between them they have stole billions of the country's wealth which are stashed overseas in hard cash and landed properties, not forgetting the billions which they have sold to their non-bumi towkay's cronies.  And they are meeting to plan, scheme and to strategise on how to steal and rob more of the country's dwindling wealth, and at the same time still retain the support of those other idiots in the police and UMNO.

Only an idiot would support Mahathir and his party of thieves and robbers.  Fortunately there are enough intelligent people who saw the true nature of their game plan and true to their wise ways stay clear of him and his thieves and robbers.

Wake up you idiots!!!!!!


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