Corrupt Mahathir should be cited for contempt of court

Mahathir, the most corrupt Malaysian Prime Minister, should be hauled up by the Federal Court for committing contempt of court.  In criticising Judge Muhamad Kamil's decision in the Likas election petition and in castigating Muhamad Kamil, he has brought the image of the judiciary into disrepute, public odium and scandal. Mahathir has clearly overstepped the limit of his boundary and the Judiciary should not take this very lightly.

During Mahathir's premiership, the Malaysian judiciary had been brought to such a low level that its integrity and its ability to mete out and dispense justice is very much suspect.  This is because Mahathir packed the judiciary with servile-like creatures with the like of Hamid Omar and Eusoffe Chin who are completely beholden to him.  It is through these corrupt weaklings that Mahathir was able to manipulate and direct the judiciary. These corrupt weaklings in turn appointed several servile-like creatures like Lamin, Ahmad Fairuz, Mohtar Sidin, Ausustine Paul, Arrifin Jaka, RK Nathan and a few others to control the whole judiciary.  Of course they are now joined by the serviled Mohtar Abdullah.

The Court of Appeal which hears appeals from the lower and High courts are always headed by Lamin supported and packed by the like of Ahmad Fairuz and Mohtar Sidin.  These trio would ensure that all cases involving Mahathir and his government would be decided in his favor.  There is practically no chance to get justice since further appeal to the Federal Court would be met by Eusoff.

Both Eusoff and Lamin are now gone.  Mohtar is no more the AG.  Judges are now dispensing justice in accordance with the law and their oath of office. Judges are now performing their actual judicial role without fear and favor.  This is what frightens Mahathir.  A corrupt man is always frightened when honest and righteous man does their job in accordance with the law. An upright and honest individual would be difficult to manipulate and control.

A record of Mahathir's misdeeds shows his tendency to put corrupt people in important public posts.  Apart from the judiciary, we could see this in other areas of government service.  He put the corrupt Abul Hasan as the Central Bank governor and now one of his financial advisor.  He retained and supported corrupt politicians in his cabinet like Rafidah, Khalil, Ling Liong Sik, Sammy and the rest.  He put servile creatures to head the Police,the Army and the EPF. The list is endless.  Key posts are filled not by meritorious individuals but by corrupt weaklings which he could manipulate and dictate.  This is how he governed Malaysia and how he escaped criminal prosecutions for his massive corruption and abuse of power.  He abuses and misuses the police, the AG chambers and the judiciary to fight and finish off his political opponents.  He gets away with it because these institutions were headed by corrupt weaklings, appointed by him.  These weaklings have no sense of public duty and committment towards national interest.

This man in fact abuses his public office by putting and supporting corrupt individuals in important public post.  It is through this strategy that he managed to exact complete loyalty from these creatures.  He protected Eusoff through two big crisis.  One is the corrupt allegations made by former judge Syed Aidid against Eusoff and the other is the New Zealand- Lingam's affair which brought the image of the judiciary in disrepute. Mahathir in fact was overjoyed by these incidents because this gives him the opportunity to tighten his stranglehold on Eusoffe more tightly.  This man couldn't give two hoots about the image of the judiciary as long as the judiciary could be manipulated and does his bidding every time he wants.

The judiciary in order to regain its once prestine role as enshrined in the constitution should display great judicial courage in hauling up Mahathir in court for the disparaging remarks he made against the judgement of Judge Muhamad Kamil and for his unwarranted remark on the Judge itself. His mindless attack has smeared the reputation of the judiciary. He should obviously be cited for contempt and asked to explain for his unwarranted remarks.  As head of the executive, if he has any grievance or dissatisfaction with a particular judge, this should be brought to the head of the Judiciary who should take action in accordance with established judicial principles.  His unwarranted remarks like Judge Kamil should report to him shows his lack of understanding of the system of parliamentary democracy as practiced in Malaysia, and the role of the Judiciary as one of the organs of the government. This man has no respect for the Malaysian constitution and is a danger to this country and the future generation.

It is for the judges especially the Federal Court to put him in place.  Perhaps a 6 month prison sentence would be a good dose for this corrupt creature.  This would be a good time to bring him to court considering the inability of other enforcement agency and the AG to charge him in court for his corruption and abuse of power.

As Judge Kamil had already retired and could not cite Mahathir for contempt, I think most Malaysians would welcome the Federal Court to take upon the simple judicial duty of citing Mahathir for contempt and to put him in his proper place.  This man is a real menace to his own country.  We should fear god in discharging our duty.  Mahathir is nothing but a rotten and corrupt criminal who deserve no respect, courtesy and sympathy.  Judges should treat him with disdain and contempt for all the wrongful acts which he has done in gradually destroying the once respected institution.

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