ISSUE - SRJ (C) Damansara


I feel proud to have a small village school hidden at one corner of this urban town, it has become a issue for the Nation and became so popular to all Malaysian now.

Ling said the party has started carrying out some of the promises, including the building on new Chinese school like SJK ( C ) Puay Chai 2 and another at Sungai Petani. Before the 1999 General Election SJK ( C ) Puay Chai 2 was given a piece of land at Tropicana, the new site for  SJK ( C) DAMANSARA now. What are you talking about ? In actual fact SJK ( C) Puay Chai 2 (Rich & Famous school ) hijacked SJK { C } DAMANSARA school building at Bandar Utama . "Lembu punya susu Sapi dapat nama " So please don't claim that you have carried out your promises, the credit should be given to the BOARD OF GOVERNORS & PTA OF SJK ( C ) DAMANSARA for keeping their mouth shut on this hijacked issue. Ask your self why hijacked the poor people's school away for the rich.  ? They are the one  who created a new Chinese school for the  Community and no one else. Without SJK ( C ) DAMANSARA Relocated to the temporary premise at Bandar Utama, Do you think that the Rich & Famous school will be able to get their 2nd new school so soon ?KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. The Rich should help the poor not rob the poor. College can be built but not school why ?There is  plenty of land around, go out and built more schools so that the school can be name after you. The BOG & PTA should be given great respect for their dedications by all Malaysian and not condemn by certain parties.

I hope all Malaysian out there should not be mislead by the group so call themselves SOS SJK  ( C ) Damanasara and news media. They are not trying to help the school and the Chinese community to progress for the future but for their own agenda only. Take a look at SJK ( C ) Yuk Choy at Taman Megah, P J , it was relocated a few kilometers away from the original location at Kampung Cempaka in the 80's , see for yourself why they can progress and famous now ? SJK ( C ) DAMANSARA 70 years - No progress, cannot become a 1st class school , asked yourself Why ? With the New school (36 classrooms) premise complete at Tropicana , the school  can accommodate an extra of 1,500 or more pupils, better facilities & field it will become a 1st class school and its like having a 2nd school .Why talk about one school with two premises ? Too greedy, be reasonable, too selfish ,please don't demand & please don't use the innocent children. Go thru ' the proper channel to have another school just like your good friends from Setapak did, I  give great respect to them. Why interfere with the great people who got SJK ( C ) DAMANSARA relocated. They want the school to progress & more children have a chance to learn their mother tongue language. Please get more correct information of the school history etc before you talk , don't use your imaginations, use your head to think not your heart to think. What a shame, nothing is done for the progress of the school for so many donkey years and  now you come out and "kacau". STOP IT.

Out there,
Look at bigger issues:

1 ) Sprint Highway - most existing junctions are closed now.
2 ) Petrol station at Taman Sea.
3 ) Water tariffs hike & dirty water.
4 ) EPF - dividend.
5 ) Poor fisherman, farmers and etc
6 ) Traffic congestions at Federal Highways, LDP & etc after paying the tolls.
7 ) Parking charges at office complex.
8 ) System of payment at MPPJ. (Business, dog, advertisement license & etc )
9 ) Inflations
10 ) Corruptions.
11 ) Nepotisme, croniesme
12 ) Low-cost houses for the rich people only.
13 ) Bumiputra Land for cronies project.

Go out there, tell the parents please sent their loving children back to the temporary school at Bandar Utama, their friends & teacher are happy to have them soon as possible. I really pity this children are being used by the adults for their own agenda. Let them study, the adults can do what they like.

I felt sad to read from the news media SJK ( C ) DAMANSARA'S  AGM was attended by about 300 parents. This show that most parents have this "tidak apa" altitude about what's happening in the school, I feel ,that's the reason why the issue of relocation of the school come about. Parents should change their altitude for the benefits of their children & the school not wait until there is problem. Take sometime off for your  children school activities make the school like a home for your children.
Built more Chinese schools for more other race to study as a "BANGSA MALAYSIA". The Malays , Indians & others can learn another language & culture of Malaysian Chinese inorder to be built a "Bangsa Malaysia" and to respect each other race as "Rakyat dan Bangsa Malaysia yang Merdeka"