Malaysian police top dogs are UMNO's political tools

The arrest of Ezam by the police based on a  report lodged by a bunch of UMNO's youths confirms further once and for all that the police top dogs are themselves a bunch of UMNO's political tools to be used and abused.  What is more pitiful and disgusting is that these police top and lower dogs allowed themselves to be used and abused by those from UMNO in gross disregard of the laws of the country and  their public legal duty to see that the law is enforced fairly and justly and in a apolitical manner.

The arrest of Ezam was based on two highly suspicious character and fact.  One is a report lodged by some complainants from UMNO's youth.  These complainants themselves based their allegation against Ezam on some hearsay evidence.  That hearsay evidence is in the form of a news report carried by Utusan Malaysia.  The credibility of both the complainants and the news report is highly suspect.  The police cannot arrest any person based on mere suspicion alone although they may arrest if there is reasonable suspicion.  What is 'reasonable' depends on the crdebility of the information.

Firstly, who are the complainants.  They are the very same people from UMNO youth who had onced climbed the Selangor Chinese Assymbly hall and threatened a 'sugui' official by using abusive and seditious language.  The head of the group who had committed trespass and assembling illegally, going by the name of Aziz had even threatened the official that the group  would burn down the SCA hall if their demands are not met.  Their actions are clearly offences both under the Sedition Act and the Penal Code making them suspected criminals.  But these suspected criminals were never apprehended by the police when they came to lodge the report eventhough their actions had been reported in most of the alternatives media and had become public knowledge; notwithstanding whether the sugui official had lodged a report or otherwise.

Surprisingly, the police not only failed to take action against the complainants who are suspected criminals by arresting them, but sprung into action based on the report lodged by those criminals.  This makes the police a political tool of those UMNO youths who are suspected criminals.  In simple language when the police arrested Ezam, they are in fact acting on the report made by the suspected criminals; thus making the police an accessory to those criminal. Therefore  the police are themselves criminals when they arrested Ezam.

Utusan Malaysia, an UMNO controlled paper and is otherwise known as Utusan UMNO is notoriously famous in carrying fabricated, distorted  and sometimes false stories about the BA and its leaders; albeit with specific instructions from their 'criminal'UMNO bosses.  The accuracy and the truth of the report carried by them is very highly suspicious, given their past records.

The pertinent question is, how could the police in the face of these highly suspicious characters and another highly suspicious newsreport arrested Ezam, when Ezam had himself publicly denied making the so-called seditious statement.

Any stupid police officer would know that in an investigation  such as this, before they could arrest or called in Ezam, the basic thing that the police had to do is to check the accuracy and veracity of the alleged statement.  This they do by picking up, interviewing and recording the statement of the reporter who filed the newsreport. The notes made by the reporter or any tape recordings that he had made of Ezam's speech would have been material evidences to prove the case of sedition against Ezam, and would have been seized.  If at all there is to be a search, that search should have been made against the reporter to recover or discover for those vital material evidences.  Only when the police had established the accuracy of the report from the reporter, could the police say that they have sufficient reason to suspect that Ezam might have committed an offence under the Sedition Act which justifies his arrest or otherwise.

The fact that the said reporter was never picked up in the first place to establish the truth or otherwise of the alleged seditious statements clearly shows that the police top dog acted on UMNO's directive.  This is not a police investigation but a police political harrassment; an  arrest illegally made  with vindictive and criminal intent meant to embarrass and punish Ezam which was politically motivated and directed.  That is beyond doubt.  Any reasonable man would surely ask this question. What if after subjecting Ezam to this humiliating treatment, the reporter when called by the police denied the authenticity of the newsreport.  What if the reporter said that, what was published was not his original report and that it had been distorted or embellished by his editor.

Therefore we could smell a rat even if we did not see one.  But one sole question that remains unanswered is this.  How could the police top dogs who are members of the public services of Malaysia and whose salary are paid for by the public, consistently and continuosly for more that two years already, allowed themselves to be used and abused by those criminals from UMNO, who are openly rejected and despised by the public.  That there are police officers who willingly allowed themselves to being used, misused and abused by UMNO's criminals are a danger to society and the Malaysian public in general. We have thus the dangerous and unfortunate situation where the police force are being staffed and headed by criminals who takes instructions from UMNO's corrupt criminals. Already we have in our midst, one of the police top criminal  dog who is fighting hard to stay away from prison.

Is there no more police officers left in the Malaysian police force with honor and dignity.  The Police Force Commission should look into this and don't simply promote officers based on UMNO's recommendation.  It will eventually spell doom and danger to society and the country.

Malay ground