Ezam's arrest shows: Police Force led by corrupt officers with low mentality

In the aftermath of the Ezam's arrest, there obviously is a  national need to reform the Police Force.  This should be the top priority of the BA if it comes to power.

Needless to say, the present police force is headed and led by officers who are not only corrupt but people with very low mentality such that they could easily be used, misused, abused and manipulated by UMNO's hooligans.  While both Norain Mai and his deputy fit this bill squarely, his subordinates on the other hand showed clear elements of gangsterism, thuggery and doggy characteristics in going about enforcing the law.

The Ezam's arrest is a clear manifestation of these negative characteristics of the Police Force which left the public speechless and outrage at their outlandish  behavior.  The public is left wondering whether these are actions of the Malaysian Police Force or the UMNO Police Force.  One could be forgiven for mistaking that it was the act of the later.  Nik Aziz, the spiritual leader of PAS was very extremely polite when he remarked that it was quite inappropriate to arrest Ezam and subsequent detention based on some false newsreport, on the eve of Muslim's celebrating the Hari Raya Haji, and more so when muslims celebrate it for four days.

As one of the hooligans going by the name of Zulkifly Alwi had lodged another report alleging that based on an internet posting someone is  about to harm him , we should expect these UMNO Police Force to spring into action immediately and arrest more people for allegedly threatening that hooligan.

Among the reforms that should be looked into is the training syllabus of the Police Force.  It is suspected that the police training  manual is out of date.  No wonder they keep churning out officers of the like of Norain Mai, Jamil and company who have no credibility, integrity, strong-mindedness and a high sense of public duty .  Their actions and conduct depict a total subservience to their  corrupt UMNO's masters at the expense of public interest.

During the days of Sultan Mahmud in the 15th century, the duties and functions of his Police Force was to protect the Sultan and his palace cronies at all times so that the Sultan with the support of his cronies could stay in power while at the same time plundering the wealth of the Melakan Empire with impunity to satisfy their greed and avarice.  The Sultan indulged in womanising, cock-fighting, misusing and looting the state coffers while his Police Force ensured that there was no public dissent being openly displayed by the Melakan people towards the excesses of the Sultan.

The present UMNO's Police Force showed similar attributes and traits and is surprisingly performing the same duty and funcion which is obviously a danger to the future of the nation.  We know what eventually become of the Melakan empire.  Currently, their corrupt UMNO's masters are plundering the nation's wealth and they are there to see that public dissent and protestation are systemetically being  oppressed and muted.  One wonder whether there is not even a single intelligent officer left in the Police Force who have a higher mentality than what is openly exhibited now.

The second reform that should be made is the disbandment of the current Police Force and the forced retirement of these officers with low mentality. A decentralized Police Force similar to what is being implemented in the UK now should be emplaced.  In the UK there are about 54 local Police Forces each headed by a Chief Constabulary, and a metropolitan police force known as Scotland Yard.  There is no national police force.  All the Police Forces are free from executive control as it is not easy for the executive to control all of them like what is happening here. Here it is more easier for the executive to put a 'donkey' heading the  national police force and behold what will take place.

By disbanding this UMNO Police Force, each state could set up its own State Police Force under the supervision of the State's Police Commission who has jurisdiction within its states.  To provide a proper check and balance in law enforcement, a national metropolitan police could be set up who has jurisdiction over the whole country.  The national metropolitan police could take over any case that occurs in any state if it is in the national and public interest.

Therefore with a new police training syllabus, a decentralized police force and a new set of trained police officers, we would obviously expect the establishment of fourteen State Police Forces and a Metropolitan Police in Malaysia each operating independently providing proper check and balance which would live up to its image as the people's Police Forces instead of what it is today, an UMNO Police Force.

Such reforms in the country's Police Force is only possible if there is a will on the part of the public to effect such reform. Once the Police Force is reformed, then all the illegal, unlawful and criminal acts of the UMNO's Police officers could be looked into and investigated.  The bottom line is this.  No crime should go unpunished in this modern era and nobody should be allowed to think that any of their illegal, unlawful and criminal acts could remain unpunished.  The only thing for victims of the UMNO's police thuggery actions is to file in your report clearly identifying the thugs and keep your evidences intact and safe in the form of photographs, eye-witnesses accounts and other documentary evidence. God willing, these culprits would be brought to book and punished later even if you have to wait for another 3 years.  Pray to God this will eventually happen for God is the all knowing, the all mercifull and protector of his all his creations.

Police reformist